Melissa Trender

Illustrator also Animator.

Okay, last nerd post for a bit. Mara another ghoul from the RP MonsterHearts. They were made up of the body parts of people caught in an explosion at their highschool… or something? My character never really found out about that.
These guys are from A DIFFERENT MonsterHearts game more recently. My character is on the left, little Lissie the Selkie. Awh man she died so hard! This campaign was such fun!

Let me tell you about how many fucks I give through the mouthful of pizza I just ordered.

The final character Tash a Ghoul from a MonsterHearts roleplay. Her story line had a lot of body horror and it was wonderful.
My character Spencer (the Ghost) from a MonsterHearts game a few months back.He was horrible and abusing both physically and emotionally and it was really difficult to play him at times but also really… good.The group had a little chat second session in where we talked about triggers and safe words and saying no and stuff and I’m really happy that we worked together to explore such a nasty person.
More nerdery! Danni the Mortal from a MonsterHearts game a few months back.
It shocks me how little nerdery is on this blog! I’ma fix that.This is Crow the Fae from a MonsterHearts game a few months back.Crow so pretty.
A fun little sketch about the way a friend described someones sushi eating habits.
Some mice doodles before I actually looked at a mouse.